Path of Destruction Le barrage

Prod. no
First air date
October 9, 1966
Running time



Characters in order of appearance 20

Credits 40

  • Director

    David Elliott

  • Teleplay

    Donald Robertson

  • Editor

    Harry MacDonald

  • 2nd assistant art director

    Ken Turner

  • Art director

    Grenville Nott

  • Associate producer

    John Read

  • Characters created by

    Sylvia Anderson

  • Designer

    Keith Wilson
    John Lageu

  • Dialogue editor

    Roy Lafbery

  • Executive producer

    Gerry Anderson

  • Lighting cameraman

    Julien Lugrin

  • Music composed and directed by

    Barry Gray

  • Producer

    Reginald E. Hill

  • Property master

    Arthur Cripps

  • Puppet operator

    Wanda Webb
    Judith Shutt

  • Puppetry supervision

    Christine Glanville
    Mary Turner

  • Script supervision

    Gerry & Sylvia Anderson

  • Sculpting supervision

    John Brown

  • Sculptor

    John Blundall
    John Brown
    Tim Cooksey
    Terry Curtis
    Peter Hayward
    Mike Richardson

  • Sound

    Maurice Askew
    Ken Scrivener

  • Sound editor

    Norman Cole

  • Special effects 2nd unit lighting cameraman

    Harry Oakes

  • Special effects designer

    Mike Trim

  • Special effects director

    Jimmy Elliott

  • Special effects lighting cameraman

    Michael Wilson

  • Supervising art director

    Bob Bell

  • Supervising editor

    Len Walter

  • Supervising sound editor

    John Peverill

  • Supervising special effects director

    Derek Meddings

  • Wardrobe

    Elizabeth Coleman