End of the Road

Le bout de la route
Prod. no
First air date
Thursday, November 25, 1965
Running time


While building a road for his company, Eddie Houseman finds himself on the edge of a mountain trail. Only International Rescue can help; even at the risk of revealing their identity to Tin-Tin's old flame.

Characters in order of appearance 16

Credits 40

  • Director

    David Lane

  • Teleplay

    Dennis Spooner

  • 2nd assistant art director

    Ken Turner

  • Art director

    Bob Bell

  • Assistant art director

    Grenville Nott

  • Associate producer

    Reginald E. Hill

  • Camera operator

    Alan Perry
    Jimmy Elliott

  • Character visualisation

    Sylvia Anderson

  • Dialogue editor

    Roy Lafbery

  • Director of photography

    John Read

  • Lighting cameraman

    Paddy Seale

  • Music composed and directed by

    Barry Gray

  • Producer

    Gerry Anderson

  • Property master

    Arthur Cripps

  • Puppet operator

    Wanda Webb
    Carolyn Turner

  • Puppetry supervision

    Christine Glanville

  • Script editor

    Alan Pattillo

  • Script supervision

    Gerry & Sylvia Anderson

  • Sculptor

    John Blundall
    John Brown
    Tim Cooksey
    Terry Curtis
    Peter Hayward
    Mike Richardson

  • Sound

    Maurice Askew
    John Taylor

  • Sound editor

    Brian Hickin

  • Special effects 2nd unit camera operator

    John Foley

  • Special effects 2nd unit director

    Brian Johncock

  • Special effects 2nd unit lighting cameraman

    Harry Oakes

  • Special effects designer

    Mike Trim

  • Special effects lighting cameraman

    Michael Wilson

  • Supervising editor

    Len Walter

  • Supervising sound editor

    John Peverill

  • Supervising special effects director

    Derek Meddings

  • Wardrobe

    Elizabeth Coleman

  • Editor

    Harry MacDonald


Did you notice?

did you notice

Scott Tracy's head was used when Eddie Houseman jumps off his truck to land in the mud.

did you notice

The control desk of J.B. Lester was previously seen in Pit of Peril as the console in Virgil's recovery vehicle.