The Deadly Whisper

Le murmure mortel
Prod. no
First air date
Sunday, November 16, 1969
Running time


Father Unwin is worried when his good friend, Professor Soames, tells him he's entering the annual rose show with dahlias. After a visit, Matthew discovers that Soames is being blackmailed by men who want to destroy an experimental aircraft with the use of the secret ultrasonic weapon  he's working on.

Unwinese used


Characters in order of appearance 15

Credits 40

  • Director

    Leo Eaton

  • Teleplay

    Donald James

  • Art director

    Keith Wilson

  • Assistant director

    John Jelly

  • Camera operator

    Derek Black

  • Characters created by

    Sylvia Anderson

  • Dialogue synchronisation

    John Drake

  • Executive producer

    Reginald E. Hillas Reg Hill

  • Format

    Gerry & Sylvia Anderson

  • Lighting cameraman

    Paddy Seale

  • Location Unit Camera Operator

    Noel Rowlands

  • Location Unit Director

    Ken Turner

  • Location Unit Lighting Cameraman

    Ted Wooldridge

  • Location Unit Manager

    Grenville Nottas Gren Nott

  • Models

    Peter Aston

  • Music composed and directed by

    Barry Gray

  • Music editor

    George Randall

  • Producer

    David Lane

  • Production manager

    Frank Hollands

  • Production Supervisor

    Desmond Saundersas Des Saunders

  • Property master

    Peter Holmes

  • Puppet co-ordinator

    Mary Turner

  • Puppet operator

    Wanda Webb
    Charmaine Wood

  • Script editor

    Tony Barwick

  • Sculptor

    Ernest Shuttas Plugg ShuttTim Cooksey

  • Senior Visual Effects Director

    Jimmy Elliott

  • Sound editor

    Tony Roper

  • Supervising editor

    Alan Killick

  • Supervising sound editor

    Peter Pennell

  • Visual Effects Camera Operator

    Nick Procopides

  • Visual Effects Designer

    Mike Trim

  • Visual effects director

    Bill Camp

  • Visual Effects Lighting Cameraman

    Bert Mason

  • Visual Effects Supervisor

    Derek Meddings

  • Vocal Title Music by

    The Mike Sammes Singers

  • Wardrobe

    Iris Richens

  • Film editor

    Len Cleal


Did you notice?

did you notice

When Matthew is looking through the files of Professor Soames, he is miniature version of himself in a puppet-scale set.

did you notice

The ultrasonic rifle developed by Professor Soames is a modified version of the Mysteron gun from Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons.