The Cure

Le remède
Prod. no
First air date
Sunday, November 23, 1969
Running time


Sakov, a notorious foreign spy, arrives in England and checks in a nursing home as Herr Vokas. Father Unwin and Matthew follow him to a races track where tests on an experimental fuel are taken.

Unwinese used


Characters in order of appearance 17

Credits 40

  • Director

    Leo Eaton

  • Teleplay

    Pat Dunlop

  • Art director

    Keith Wilson

  • Assistant director

    John Jelly

  • Camera operator

    Derek Black

  • Characters created by

    Sylvia Anderson

  • Dialogue synchronisation

    John Drake

  • Executive producer

    Reginald E. Hillas Reg Hill

  • Format

    Gerry & Sylvia Anderson

  • Lighting cameraman

    Julien Lugrin

  • Location Unit Camera Operator

    Noel Rowlands

  • Location Unit Director

    Ken Turner

  • Location Unit Lighting Cameraman

    Ted Wooldridge

  • Location Unit Manager

    Grenville Nottas Gren Nott

  • Models

    Peter Aston

  • Music composed and directed by

    Barry Gray

  • Music editor

    George Randall

  • Producer

    David Lane

  • Production manager

    Frank Hollands

  • Production Supervisor

    Desmond Saundersas Des Saunders

  • Property master

    Peter Holmes

  • Puppet co-ordinator

    Mary Turner

  • Puppet operator

    Christine Glanville
    Rowena White

  • Script editor

    Tony Barwick

  • Sculptor

    Ernest Shuttas Plugg ShuttTim Cooksey

  • Senior Visual Effects Director

    Jimmy Elliott

  • Sound editor

    Tony Roper

  • Supervising editor

    Alan Killick

  • Supervising sound editor

    Peter Pennell

  • Visual Effects Camera Operator

    Mike Rainer

  • Visual Effects Designer

    Mike Trim

  • Visual effects director

    Shaun Whittacker-Cook

  • Visual Effects Lighting Cameraman

    Harry Oakes

  • Visual Effects Supervisor

    Derek Meddings

  • Vocal Title Music by

    The Mike Sammes Singers

  • Wardrobe

    Iris Richens

  • Film editor

    Alan Killick


Did you notice?

did you notice

The plane model of Sakov's flight is stock footage lifted from Joe 90's episode "Splashdown".