Torchy and Tex turns 60

Torchy and Tex turns 60

Two more Gerry Anderson-related puppet shows hit the 60-year milestone.

First, Torchy The Battery Boy. A show created by Roberta Leigh and directed by Gerry Anderson. The show was meant for children so it's quite hard to watch it as an adult :) But as a great fan of Gerry's legacy, I can appreciate it.

The second one is Four Feather Falls. A western show based on a concept created by composer Barry Gray about cowboys and robbers with a little bit of magic. After two years working for Roberta Leigh, Arthur Provis and Gerry Anderson decided to secretly shoot the pilot during the filming of the later episodes of Torchy. This was the show that was the pioneer for the new technology known as Supermarionation. This show, although aimed at a young audience,  is still very enjoyable to grown-ups.

In January,  we lost two persons that were involved with Four Feather Falls. On January 28, the voice of Sheriff Tex Tucker, Nicholas Parsons, died at age 96. Earlier that month, on January 16, long-time Supermarionation director Alan Pattillo passed away. He was 90.

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