Captain Scarlet is 50!

Captain Scarlet is 50!

Oyé, oyé! Captain Scarlet, one of the most famous puppet shows from the 60s, celebrates his 50th anniversaire sary this year!

To honour this milestone, I plan to release a little overview of every episodes on their anniversary release. (mostly on Fridays)

You can check it out on Captain Scarlet 's page.

I've been slow on updates since laqst year, but I'm doing my best to bring interactivity to this website. The ability to rate and comment episodes are in my plans. But since security is my top priority, just like Jeff Tracy, I will need to buy an https cert to protect users information. But all good things come with a price, so I might open a Patreon account for FAB puppet World soon.

In the meantime, more content will be added on the website, so stand by for action!