An epic website 5 years in the making

An epic website 5 years in the making

FAB puppet World is go! After 6 months of intense work, I present to you my website, euh, I mean our community in the making.

Since the early 2000s, I wanted to make a website including every puppet shows from Gerry Anderson. It wanted it to be a kind of wikipedia, filled with reliable and interesting facts about the shows. In 2011, I started working on the design and database. Sadly, the weight of the task was very heavy on my shoulders so I lost motivation.

Years later, motivation came back when I had the idea of making it a community where users could share thoughts and comments. To be sure the project would go on, I set myself a deadline: my birthday! :)

I'm still a little disappointed I wasn't able to do more and only the Thunderbirds are available. Then again, I worked late almost every night and the process was very tiring. 

But fear not, this is a work in constant progress, so there's plenty to come. More shows, more captures, fab facts and user accounts so this website becomes the community it is meant to be.

Stand by for more action!