Codename Europa

Un tueur en série
Prod. code
SCA 25
First air date
Thursday, March 21, 1968
Running time


The Mysterons reconstruct Professor Gabriel Carney in order to use his electronics knowledge and assassinate the three presidents of the Congress of Europe. Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue try to figure out who is going to be the next target.

Mysteron threat

This is the voice of the Mysterons. We know that you can hear us, Earthmen. We will continue to take our revenge and deal yet another devastating blow. We will destroy the Triumvirate of Europe. The Triumvirate of Europe will be destroyed. 

Characters in order of appearance 17

Credits 39

  • Director

    Alan Perry

  • Teleplay

    David Lee

  • Art director

    Grenville Nott

  • Associate producer

    John Read

  • Captain Scarlet sung by

    The Spectrum

  • Characters created by

    Sylvia Anderson

  • Designer

    John Lageu

  • Dialogue editor

    Don Brill

  • Dialogue synchronisation

    Tony Bellas Antony Bell

  • Executive producer

    Gerry Anderson

  • Format

    Gerry & Sylvia Anderson

  • Lighting cameraman

    Julien Lugrin

  • Music composed and directed by

    Barry Gray

  • Music editor

    George Randall

  • Producer

    Reginald E. Hill

  • Production designer

    Keith Wilson

  • Production manager

    Frank Hollands

  • Property master

    Arthur Cripps

  • Puppet operator

    Peter Johns
    Mel Cross

  • Puppetry co-ordination

    Mary Turner

  • Puppetry supervision

    Christine Glanville

  • Script editor

    Tony Barwick

  • Sculptor

    Ernest Shuttas Plugg ShuttTim Cooksey
    Terry Curtis

  • Special effects director

    Shaun Whittacker-Cook

  • Supervising art director

    Bob Bell

  • Supervising editor

    Len Walter

  • Supervising sound editor

    Peter Pennell

  • Supervising special effects director

    Derek Meddings

  • Visual effects 2nd unit camera operator

    Noel Rowlands

  • Visual effects 2nd unit director

    Peter Wragg

  • Visual effects 2nd unit lighting cameraman

    Ted Wooldridge

  • Visual Effects Lighting Cameraman

    Bert Mason

  • Visual effects production manager

    Brian Burgess

  • Wardrobe

    Iris Richens

  • Editor

    John Beaton